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Regional or European authorities have budgets to encourage entrepreneurship and support the creation or development of SMEs by offering them various grants or subsidies, on a selective and ad hoc basis. It would be a shame not to take advantage of them.

Subsidies are therefore one of the sources of funding for your innovative or R&D projects. Whether regional or European, MoneyOak identifies the subsidies to which you are entitled and assists you in obtaining and monitoring them.

The support offered varies according to :

Better understand subsidies

While the amount of the premiums varies by region, it represents a percentage of the total budget, limited to a certain amount.

The deadline for payment of premiums depends on the aid applied for.

In all cases, the investment invoices (purchase deeds, etc.) must first be provided.

It is possible to accumulate several grants, provided that they are spent on separate projects.

Subsidies are normally taxable for the taxable period in which they are granted.

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