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What criteria determine your eligibility for the PPTE?

The legislator has extended the scope of the exemption from withholding tax (PPTE) to all companies employing researchers. However, the eligibility conditions and the calculation rules vary depending on the category you belong to. What do you need to take into account?

Taxation serving to boost innovation

This document explains the latest developments in this area, the main principles involved and the right questions to ask yourself.

Act now and prepare your future

Act now and prepare your future

How do you create the potential for a successful future? Certainly by making the best use of your circumstances in relation to innovation and R&D. But each situation is unique, requiring a specific approach and expertise. So don't launch yourself into this process...

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Our scientists and tax specialists will assist you all the way

From identifying eligible projects, right through to obtaining reductions in corporation tax. Our experts will also ensure that your business optimises its Innovation Income Deductions.